We are a dedicated podcast that rallies around the loyal Classic Mini community globally where we celebrate our own selfish passion - all things Classic Minis. We are not engineers or designers - but storytellers, general problem solvers and explorers on our own journey around owning and living with a Classic Mini.

Our charter is to bring unique content into our framework that may not necessarily always be Mini related, but adds to the unique and common ideology that is inherent within all Classic Mini enthusiasts - having fun, a nice beverage in hand and connecting with others. Our hope is that many Classic Mini fans can listen in on the go while bringing more value and insights around this amazing classic British car and an automotive piece of history. Cheers!


Episode #40 is here just in time for the holidays and sadly this is my last Classic Mini episode.  It was an amazing run, but life happens and need to move on.  I may return with an episode for an update, but want to thank each and every one of you for listening and all the positive feedback!  Cheers!


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Its a SPOOKTACULAR episode tonight for Episode #39 and we discuss how to sell your classic mini.  Just some helpful advice on what to think about should you part ways with you little classic.  It can be an emotional mess if you are not ready.

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Don't really need to say much here, but I have some news to tell.  My special guest, Mike Snowden returns to join in on the news I am about to spill.  Enjoy,

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Episode #37 is coming to you IN STYLE with the one and only Tom Shorrock.  We sit down and talk to him about his cult Classic Mini status and what drives him to be on the most recognized content creator for the Classic Mini community.  Grab a pint, a pipe with your favorite English blend and enjoy our chat with Tom. 

Tom Shorrock Instagram Page

Tom Shorrock YouTube Channel


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Its a Classic Mini Breakdown Road Report with my local Classic Mini group (Atlanta Classic Minis) as we visit a very special chippy in GA, Wright's Fish & Chips.  It was an amazing day and we interview the owner of Wright's Fish & Chips as well as a few of the Atlanta Classic Mini members and ask them about their Classic Minis.  Grab some salt and vinegar because its about to get mouth-watering good in this episode!

Episode Links

Wright's Fish & Chips

Atlanta Classic Mini Facebook Page

Grayton Beer Company (Florida)

Brickstore Pub in Decatur, GA

Pellicle Podcast (episode #18 with host, Matthew Curtis)

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On today's episode, we discuss one of my favorite accessories for the Classic Mini - The Roof Rack!  Why am I so excited?  I love them - all shapes and sizes and just so classic and a must have for any classic mini.  We also crack a delicious beer from Scofflaw Brewery and answer some great listener emails.  Crack a beer because this is a good'n!

Episode Links

Scofflaw Brewery - Basement Light IPA

Pete Brown Book: Pie Fidelity in Defense of British Food

Atlanta Classic Minis - come join our local group

@norristhemini Instagram Page - amazing mini and photographer

Third Shed Moto (@thirdshedmoto) - Instagram page and some serious cool bespoke, hand-crafted classic mini items

Classic Mini Roof Racks to Buy: (or

Another Source for Roof Racks to Buy:

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We are welcoming back a returning guest for new Guest Spotlight for Episode #34.  Alex Toon is back to give us an update on what's been happening in his world, his amazing collection of Classic Mini's and where he sources hard to find original parts.  Its a good one, so you don't want to miss it.  Plus, it is Alex's birthday, so belated birthday to Tooney!

Episode Links

Alex Toons Instagram

Alex Toon YouTube (aka Classic Mini Details)

Amor Artis Brewing

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Episode 33 -  Fear of the Dark - Breaking Down Classic Mini Lighting

We are bringing some light into the dark mystification of Classic Mini lighting.  There are several choices out there to help improve your lighting and we will breakdown those options.  We also have another Classic Mini product review quickie and read some listener feedback.  

Episode links

Últimos Glaciares - Antes de llegar - Killer Classic Mini driving tune!

Alex Grant (@tradfisk) - Amazing car photographer who just shot my Classic Mini

Summer Break by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. - Refreshing beer for summer

matt_shardlow (Willow Green Mk1 inspired) - His Mini is MEGA (and for sale)

Connor Heath (@mildlyinterestingmetal) - Really cool IG page with great car content

@brooklands32 - a Killer Cafe Racer type mini and OE steelies

Steveson Motor Co - New Cup Holder


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It has been almost ONE month since I last turned on the old podcaster-machine (my apologies), so I am here with an update, whats been going on in my world and a bit of a rant for anyone who hates BRIGHT coloUrs on cars.

Episode Link

Whistle Pig Rye Whisky - simply the BEST Rye in the NE.

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On this episode, we welcome Paul Hickey from HRE IRL to the podcast - all the way from Dublin!  Paul is a wealth of Classic Mini knowledge and just started a new YouTube channel where you can see some amazing videos on projects on his farm (and garage) as well as amazing 'how-to's' for anything mini.  Grab a pint of Guinness and enjoy the show!  Cheers!

Episode Links:

Hickey Race Engineering (HRE IRL) - YouTube Page and web page

A KILLER Irish Classic Mini @theirishmini Instagram Page

Ian Campbell over at team_ballylouygh_classics - Instagram Page

Rate My Takeaway - the most AMAZING YouTube page out there now.  Period.

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