We are a dedicated podcast that rallies around the loyal Classic Mini community globally where we celebrate our own selfish passion - all things Classic Minis. We are not engineers or designers - but storytellers, general problem solvers and explorers on our own journey around owning and living with a Classic Mini. Our charter is to bring unique content into our framework that may not necessarily always be Mini related, but adds to the unique and common ideology that is inherent within all Classic Mini enthusiasts - having fun, a nice beverage in hand and connecting with others. Our hope is that many Classic Mini fans can listen in on the go while bringing more value and insights around this amazing classic British car and an automotive piece of history. Cheers!


Welcome to Episode #12, where we discuss getting tunes set up in your Classic Mini at a high-level. We Classic Mini owners don't have a lot of real estate in our small cars, so you need to think it through before you cut wires and metal.  Enjoy and Cheers!


Episode Links:

Cole over at Mini DIY on YouTube

Reggie Kray’s Instagram account: gold_tooth_kray 

Classic Mini Culture on YouTube

BMC Workshop on YouTube

DB Mini DIY on YouTube

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Welcome to Episode #11, where we discuss how important local community and support is to your Classic Mini. I also interview my good friend and mechanic, Phil, about his history with Classic Minis and British Cars...and one Italian car that he will never own again. Enjoy and Cheers!

Episode Links:

Papa's Pilar Rum - Never a Spectator!

Under the Influence: 2 Tone Ska / YouTube

Reggae Britannia Documentary / YouTube



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Welcome to episode #10, where we get greasy, bloody and safer with our classic minis - all around annual maintenance and why it is so important. We will also do a Classic Mini Breakdown Product Review Quickie as well as answer a couple of emails. So grab a beer (or 3) and let's get this session serviced - Cheers!

Episode Links:

Check out Jeff Benson's Rebuild Blog at

bingothemini Instagram Page - Love this mini!

ngolimit62 Instagram Page - Ricky's amazing classic pup!

omc_saminis Instagram Page - Classic Minis of South Africa

granblogismo YouTube Page - a MUST checkout if you are into British Classic Cars

Matt Green's YouTube Page - Grab a Stella and some curry, because he is on FIRE!

Classic Minis Japan - if you want rare parts from Japan, like my vintage sliding mirror, look no further.


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Welcome to episode #9, where I discuss a fairly hot topic on adding more power in a Classic Mini. Going this route can most certainly create headaches and unplanned expenses as you enter your quest on more power. Grab a beer (or 3) and let's get this session supercharged - Cheers!

Episode Links:

Axeman_28 Instagram Page

David Lee's Nissan Micra Classic Mini Build

Classic Mini Breakdown Maint Log for CMB Fans

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Welcome to episode #8, where we have our first official guest, Mr. Mike Snowden, joining us as we talk about craftsmanship, music and our concerns over Van Halen. I also introduce you to the creative genius who designed our podcast logo, Mike Brown. Grab a beer and let's get this session started - Cheers!

NOTE: apologies for the recording quality during the interview as well as me bumping the microphone.  Its not the best, but still carries the message and I am sure you all will enjoy!

Links from Episode #8:

Mike Snowden Guitars:

Cafe Racer Lab YouTube:

Classic Mini Workshop YourTube:

William Murfitt YouTube:


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Welcome to lucky episode #7, where I again take some great inspiration from the Classic Mini community out there around thinking about what my top mods are on Basil the Mini. I also do another product review quickie. Cheers!


Make sure to check out Alex Toon's YouTube channel.

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Welcome to episode #6, originally recorded in mid March 2020, we get down and dirty and discuss under coating and sound deadening for our classic minis. There are lots of opinions about this, but will shed some light on how I worked with these two must-haves on Basil the Mini. Cheers!

Links for episode:

Classic Mini Workshop YouTube Channel (aka Keith's page)


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Welcome to episode #5, originally recorded in early March 2020, we have our first community spotlight with Steveston Motor Co well as a our CMB Product Review Quickie from Wired by Wilson UK. These are two great Classic Mini stalwarts that are making the difference for Mini owners around the globe. Cheers!

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Welcome to episode #4, originally recorded in late February 2020, we talk about my journey in my first and only Classic Mini and the story behind how I found this car. Feel free to tell me about your personal journey with your Classic Mini by emailing me. Cheers!

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Welcome to episode #3, originally recorded in late February 2020, we crack a beer and talk about an idea that came in from a past email (as well as something I struggled with) - Where do you find good advice on your Classic Mini? If you are looking to buy a Classic Mini, or fix a Classic Mini, or just some general maintenance - where do you go?  We explore forums, car shows and other content providers to know where people are having active conversations and where you can find answers. Feel free to tell us where you can go for good advice by emailing us. Cheers!

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