We are a dedicated podcast that rallies around the loyal Classic Mini community globally where we celebrate our own selfish passion - all things Classic Minis. We are not engineers or designers - but storytellers, general problem solvers and explorers on our own journey around owning and living with a Classic Mini.

Our charter is to bring unique content into our framework that may not necessarily always be Mini related, but adds to the unique and common ideology that is inherent within all Classic Mini enthusiasts - having fun, a nice beverage in hand and connecting with others. Our hope is that many Classic Mini fans can listen in on the go while bringing more value and insights around this amazing classic British car and an automotive piece of history. Cheers!



Happy New Year to you all!  On this episode I will look back at what I did over the holidays, including almost loosing a finger, as well as looking forward to some changes for the podcast in 2021.  Sit back, grab a beer and enjoy!


Episode Links:

Highland Brewing

Minimayfair1340 Instagram Page

taka.6632 Instagram Page

Senior_Bergilicious Instagram Page

minitechnique_ltd Instagram Page

JET Motors Web Site - Amazing Mini Specialist Shop

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Merry Christmas to you all and welcome to our holiday episode!  On this episode, I sit down virtually with my buddy Kyle and how we met, cars, etc…and this is what happens when you break open a new bottle of Whistle Pig 12 Rye before the interview.  Enjoy the episode and enjoy the holidays near a warm fine and a nice beverage in hand.  Cheers to all!


Episode Links

Prairie Brew Pub - Christmas Bomb 2020

Kyle's Instagram Page - Chock full of automotive goodness

The Gentleman's Racing Team - Kevin's amazing YouTube page of magic and wonder!

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We are back from a BUSY month at the virtual pub and the holidays is just a few weeks away.  In this episode, we are discussing how to manage all those parts and spares and some general advice on not going too deep into the hoarder-hole.  We also do a quick CMB product review as we as re-visit some of our friends in the classic mini community.  Enjoy!

Episode Links

High West Distillery - Midwinters Night Dram Whiskey

Chris Sanor - aka @kayakamper, Atlanta Classic Mini Member 

Brad Rosselle – aka wbrosselle, Atlanta Classic Mini Member (thanks for the cool tshirt!)

Ricky - aka NgoLimit62, His Amazing Pub and killer Mini Wreath

Mr Bridgers Retro Roof Racks - Every Classic Mini needs a rack!

Simon Strain – aka, simonastrain and Another Atlanta Classic Mini member and his restored Landy Defender Pickup

Jeffrey Benson – Another Atlanta Classic Mini member and his restoration is almost complete!


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Doing something a little different for this episode as we head into the US holiday next week...I sit down with my good friend Richard, who knows NOTHING about Classic Minis, but has some funny stories to tell and salt-of-the-earth chap.  We clearly are 'a few whiskeys in' (Thank you Mr. Bradshaw) as we start recording and just talk about music, life, cars, etc.  I also answer a few emails from you guys as well.  Enjoy this one, stay safe and stay positive!  Cheers.

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In the USA, voting day is here and it's a nail-biter!  But we are going to BREATHE and celebrate a few examples in the classic mini community on this episode.  We have a few good ones to call out as well as blowing the e-mail vault grab a PROPER Stout and sit back and enjoy....Cheers!

Episode Links:

Cherry Street Brewing

ngolimit62 (aka Ricky) Instagram page

TGMRT: The Gentleman Motor Racing Team

Steveson Motor Co YouTube

Classic Mini DIY YouTube

Matt Green YouTube

Scouser Tech Instagram Page

Rich Rebuilds YouTube

Classic Mini Details (aka Alex Toon)

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We are packing our bags and heading to the far east and then back into the UK as I start to take a relaxing look at two interesting Classic Mini Breakdown Community Spotlights for episode #17. Ever tried brewing coffee in your boot or electrifying your Classic Mini?  Well take a listen to this episode to find out more and enjoy.   Cheers!

Episode Links

MINI_LIFE - Youtube Page - Instagram Page

Electric Classic Cars

Mikerophone Brewery

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The lights are on for Episode #16 where we discuss Classic Mini wiring looms and when you should replace and some general best practices for installing a new wiring loom in your Classic Mini.  We also have another Classic Mini Breakdown product review quickie with MED Engineering's Stub Stacks from the road (and in Basil). Cheers!

Episode Links

AutoSparks UK - Classic British Quality Wiring Harnesses

MED Engineering - Stub Stacks for your Classic Mini

Einstök Beer - For Vikings Only!

Todo Mini Classico Web Site and Instagram Page

Mad5Fabrications Instagram

S_T_EE_L_Y (aka Joseph Steel) Instagram



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Welcome to leaky Episode #15, where we discuss the dreaded leaky petrol cap. All Classic Mini owners knows about this quirkiness and many have tried to solve for it....I will break down some ideas that you may want to investigate further to stop this from happening.  Save your paint and save your sanity.  Cheers!

Episode Links

Crafted Classic Tuning LTD Instagram

Tea Time 32 Instagram

Enthusiast Garage Instagram - a KILLER 2002 you don't want to miss

Hegnirst and his KILLER '76 K Series Clubman

Leaky Cap Discussion with some suggestions that I reference

Koncept Studios Leather Petrol Bib

Dry County Brewery

Schoolhouse Brew Pub

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Welcome to Episode #14, where we discuss the dreaded first shakedown after a long rebuild or restoration. Everyone goes through it and must venture into the unknown uncertainty of nuts, bolts and possible fires!  No shakedown for this episode so sit back and enjoy.  Cheers!


Episode Links:

Westbrook Brewing Co

Steveston Motor Co - T-Shirts

Pearlygreen Instagram

McGees Custom Minis Instagram

Heritage Garage - Amazing Mini Specialists




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Welcome to Episode #13, where we welcome Cole Gentry from Classic Mini DIY and discuss what it takes to start your own Classic Mini brand.  I also put Cole through the paces for the CMB Quickfire 10!  Tune in now to get to know more about the man, the myth and the legend in our Classic Mini community.  Enjoy and Cheers!

Episode Links:

Classic Mini DIY - YouTube Channel

Classic Mini DIY - Instagram

Classic Mini DIY - Website

Pontoon Brewery

Loopy World - The Iron Maiden Years (book)

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