We are a dedicated podcast that rallies around the loyal Classic Mini community globally where we celebrate our own selfish passion - all things Classic Minis. We are not engineers or designers - but storytellers, general problem solvers and explorers on our own journey around owning and living with a Classic Mini.

Our charter is to bring unique content into our framework that may not necessarily always be Mini related, but adds to the unique and common ideology that is inherent within all Classic Mini enthusiasts - having fun, a nice beverage in hand and connecting with others. Our hope is that many Classic Mini fans can listen in on the go while bringing more value and insights around this amazing classic British car and an automotive piece of history. Cheers!

May 8, 2020

Episode 06 - We get dirty and discuss under-coating and sound deadening for our Classic Mini

Welcome to episode #6, originally recorded in mid March 2020, we get down and dirty and discuss under coating and sound deadening for our classic minis. There are lots of opinions about this, but will shed some light on how I worked with these two must-haves on Basil the Mini. Cheers!

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